Company profile

FH Træ & Finér is an agency company with a innovative and solid program in customized solutions
within all types of veneer and laminate panel solutions.

Your safety

Many years of experience has given us solid knowledge and a strong network of suppliers.

Flexibility and reliability

Our everyday focus is providing the best service for our clients and customers.
We strive to have a high customer satisfaction and highly value a good and constructive dialog, through close teamwork with our customer to reach the best results and solutions.


Our product groups can be divided into three divisions.
The first are is veneer and other surface materials and the second is boards and laminated boards and lastly the special components.


We put a big emphasis on credibility and quality and have a constant evaluation of our products, to ensure constant improvement.
It is for us an invariable requirement that our suppliers only use materials that are obtained in a sustainable manner and respects EU’s regulation on illegal wood. With us you get the will and the products to obtain a great partnership.