We offer almost all types of panels cut to size.

Furniture boards


Cut to size is the key to our panel program.
We offer almost all types of panels cut to size.

When we say customized cutting size, we mean it seriously:
With us you get tailored solutions and combinations of materials cut to size from a close dialogue with the customer.
This guaranties the customer a product that matches their need, short delivery time, fixed calculated price and minimum inventory bond.

Panel types:

  • MDF
  • Particle board
  • Plywood
  • Light weight panels
  • Etc.

Contact us and inquire further about other panel types.

Laminated panels cut to size

Veneered panels – glued panels – Customized panels

In cooperation with Hobb in Germany, we market panels cut to size.
With us you don’t just get a standard veneered panel, but a cut to size product that we have agreed in cooperation with you how the veneered surface should look like and what quality it should have.
At the Hobb, we have access to a large stock of different types of panels, as well as one of Europe’s most modern cutting and laminating facility.
The veneer is sourced directly from the veneer manufactures, cut to size and spliced at the factory in Germany before it is bonded to the panels.
We also offer bonding of laminate, Linoleum, Foil etc. on the same terms as the veneer.
Edgebanding and sanding of the surfaces can be offered on request.

Veneer in high quality


We put great emphasis on credibility and quality, and we constantly focus on evaluating our products, in order to ensure continuous improvements.

Beech plywood

From Brugére we can also offer Beech plywood in different variations.

They are available in sizes up to 2600 x 1600 and thickness from 6,0 to 60 mm.

Plywood comes in four different standard qualities:

  • Packaging plywood
  • Industrial plywood
  • Standard plywood
  • Technical plywood

Plywood that is water resistant glued can also be delivered.