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In cooperation with Koskisen OY we are now marketing their strong and very flexible Aeroplane plywood in Denmark and northern Germany.

Koskisply Birch is a flexible and very strong plywood with many application options. Koskiply can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor.

Koskiflex is strong and probably the most flexible plywood on the market made of Finnish birch veneer.

Both Koskiply and Koskiflex is made of Finnish birch veneer all the way through, and appear with their surfaces free of jointing, light and homogeneous. The plywood can be machined with all known cutting tools combined with the fact that it also works excellent with laser and water jet cutting.

Plywood has numerous applications from furniture to musical instruments and over the saddles for modeling work, hobby and gift items etc.

Koskiply and koskiflex are available in thicknesses from 0.4 mm up to 5.0mm as standard. Other thicknesses are available on request.
Also available with face veneer made of ex. Oak, Walnut, Ash etc.

Please contact us for a talk about plywood for your next project or go discover here.

Stock carried at the moment in the following formats/qualities:

Type Quality Thickness Layers Length Width
Flex AB/AB 0,4 3 1450 1450
Flex AB/AB 0,8 3 1450 1450
Flex AB/AB 1,0 3 1450 1450
Flex AB/AB 1,5 3 1450 1450
Int AB/B 2,0 4 1525 1525
Int AB/B 3,0 6 1525 1525
Int AB/B 5,0 10 1525 1525
Ext AB/B 1,0 3 1550 1550
Ext AB/B 1,5 3 1550 1550
Ext AB/B 2,0 3 1270 1270
Int B/B 1,0 3 1525 1525
Int B/B 1,5 3 1525 1525
Int B/B 2,0 3 1525 1525
Int Oak/Oak 1,5 3 1220 1220
Int Oak/Oak 3,0 5 1220 1220

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