Veneer of all kind

Veneer is wood in the finest form and because of this gives the wood an extra dimension in the form of a natural glow that can’t be artificially made. To generate this it takes know-how and many years’ experience.

Precisely this is the core in our selection of partners in this area.

In the product menu you will find information on our wide range of veneers and our partners. Go explore and read more about both.

We cover the common types of peeled veneer and knife cut veneer as both raw veeners and layons ready to use.

An exciting novelty is CWP (“the new birch”) that opens up completely new opportunities to play with colors in the veneer.

In addition, we are also able to supply other products in which veneer is included. Among other things different types of boards, laminated with veneer and veneer-wrapped items.

Knife cut veneer cut to size



In cooperation with our customers we define the type of wood, structure, quality, appearance, construction and expression. Thus will you, as a customer achieve personal guidance, individual veneer sorting adapted to your product, continuity and consistency in your veneer and competitive prices. Short delivery time, fixed calculated price and minimum inventory bond.

We work in all conventional veneers, as well as technical veneers in thicknesses up to 1.8 mm.

In cooperation with Hobb, we ensure that all our veneer comes from sustainable sources.

Veneer in high quality


We put great emphasis on credibility and quality, and we constantly focus on evaluating our products, in order to ensure continuous improvements.

Knife cut veneer

Single bundles or sequences

Veneer is wood in its finest form.
Together with our partners, we ensure that you as a customer are benefitting of the yield from the best raw materials and manufacturing processes.

It is important to us that you as a customer feel comfortable and that the product meets your expectations. Therefore, we are as your partner always in close dialogue with you to ensure this.

Together with our partners in veneer as raw veneers we are able to supply all common types of wood from stock in Germany.

Peeled beech veneer

In collaboration with one of Europe’s leading manufactures, Brugère, we offer peeled beech veneer in fixed dimensions.

This French manufacturer is known for its high quality on the peeling process, which help to minimize the cost of sanding and lacquering.

Beach veneer is supplied as a standard in thickness from 0.7 to 2.0 mm, but is also available up to 4.0 mm. The maximum length is 2680mm. The veneer is sorted by quality in A, AB, ABC, BC and CDE, as well as in individual grades after agreement. On inquiry Oak, Ash and Polar can be offered as well.

Peeled birch veneer

In cooperation with the Finnish manufacturer Koskisen, we offer peeled birch veneer in fix-sizes.

Birch veneer is offered in thickness from 0.6 to 1.5mm and sorted in such standard that qualities A, AB, ABC, BC and CD.
Other individual grades are offered on request.

On request the Birch veneer can be offered patched for eliminating the knots and holes which are typically found in Birch.